Pluto New Horizons Mission — Supporting Observations for 2002 JF56 Encounter

Electronic Telegram No.  512 
Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams 
2002 JF_56 
     R. Binzel, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, writes that 
ground-based photometric and spectroscopic observations are requested 
for 2002 JF_56, in support of the June 13 passage (at 100000 km) of the 
minor planet by the NASA New Horizons spacecraft, which will use 
the encounter for instrument calibration and testing of moving-target 
tracking.  Possible photometric and spectroscopic measurements obtained 
by the spacecraft will be most useful if supported by ground-based 
observations.  Interested observers may contact Binzel (rpb at 

What Observations Are Needed?

Most useful would be lightcurve information and basic color information, such as V−R, on the standard magnitude system. We can benefit by having observations as soon as possible so as to learn the lightcurve amplitude and rotation period. At present, there are no lightcurve measurements known.

If you are interested in observing, or can report specific observing plans or results, please communicate with Richard Binzel (rpb at Updates will be posted here, as received.

Observing Circumstances for 2002 JF56:

UT 2006 May 21: RA = 13:14; Dec = −5; Elong = 140; V mag = 19.1

Specific Observational Plans Reported

Observations Reported

For more information, contact Richard Binzel (rpb at